Smoothies, Faster, Easier!

Portable blenders have been around for years, but how many have you actually seen outdoors? Which would you rather bring with you?

Portable indoors but rarely brought outdoors
Like any other water bottles, with a sneaky surprise

Literally On-the-go

Discreet, minimal, and non-intrusive design

Self Cleaning

Simply add water, detergent and blend away!

Wireless MagClick™

Runs wirelessly, charges wirelessly with magnets

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Honestly did not need this, I just saw it on my feed and it’s looked like a cool water bottle so I clicked it, to my surprise it’s one of those portable blenders that looked like robots! I bought it because it’s super sleek. Didn’t think I’ll be using it a loooot!!! No plans of being healthier, but here I am now. And oh, it’s pretty strong, don’t be fooled by its minimalist disguise.

Janice • Richmond
Verified Purchase

The company messaging actually makes sense, now that it’s always visible and always an arms reach, it’s literally hard for me not to use it. And geez! My bf keeps using it too. His is on the way now, I ordered white so I get a newer one and he keeps this :-)

Anna • Vancouver
Verified Purchase

Honestly one of my favorite purchases ever! Not even exaggerating. Buy one and hide this from your family, even if it defeats the purpose of always being visible. I’m telling you, I always find mine filled with my mom’s or brother’s invented recipe. It can get fun, but I’d advice getting 2 and sell them one at a profit ;-)

Monica • Las Vegas

Am I the only one who’s always freaked out with the wireless magnetic charger? I love all the good things but that’s only existed on my Macbook before. I don’t mind plugging chargers if they’re USB-C but magnets are the future I never imagined coming to this portable blender. Even the packaging feels like Apple who will charge $20 extra.

Sara • Springfield
Verified Purchase

I’ve been going to the gym and counting my calories, thanks to the inventor of smoothies it’s never been easier to keep track of my meals when they’re all blended up and easy to drink. I had those old portable blenders and even if they have those wrist straps, I’m sill not holding that out in public, I had to make sure I finish everything at home. This time, whenever I’m in a rush I usually blend it in my car and walking out with this never felt awkward at all. Rated 4 only bc I wanted a green color, hope they'd add more.

Tina • Calgary


Minimalist Answers

30 days and you don't like it, contact support and we'll process your refund. Terms apply.

15 mixes, with 1400mAh battery

Pretty strong! Blends with ice at 20,000/rpm.

Yes! But due to high order demands, we might or might not experience some delays.

Shipped in 2-6 days, delivered in 7-20 business days after dispatch.

Yup. IPX 7 rating.