Habits stick when they're easy and visible

Introducing Minimixa™ FRESH

People only like new things, if they’re just like old things.

Finally! My fellow problem solvers, I’m so thrilled you’re here! It is about time that we look into the products we use. Are the current solutions still working in a way that we first intended them to? Do we have new discoveries that can better improve today’s solutions? These are few of many essential questions we have to be discussing.

All companies strive to improve their products and services. Some do it better, some get stuck and some are just way ahead of technology and overdoing it.

For products to be successful, they have to meet certain proven criteria. Our company believes and supports a theory popularized by the father of industrial design, Raymond Loewy. MAYA stands for Most Advanced Yet Acceptable. People only like new things, if they’re just like old things.

To sell something familiar, you have to make it surprising. But to sell something surprising, you have to make it familiar. Please listen to this amazing talk by Derek Thompson during a TEDx event.

How habits stick

it's 2022
About Damn time

In this busy, mobile world, we just gotta make things simpler, easier and prettier! Habits that work, need products that work.